Trump Sends ABC Boss Who Fired Roseanne Into Sheer Panic With ‘Big Nasty Surprise’

The firing of Roseanne Barr, including canceling every rerun of the 1990s megahit, along with her tweet about Barack Obama’s socialist live-in roommate Valerie Jarrett has conservatives fairly upset.

Including President Donald Trump, who simply sent ABC boss Bob Iger, who fired Roseanne, to some sheer panic. Trump gave Iger a big, nasty surprise, inducing Iger and leftists about the ABC network, such as Joy Behar and Jimmy Kimmel, to freak out.

Barr caused every Hollywood snowflake to melt following the new”Roseanne” series, featuring her personality as a diehard Donald Trump supporter, soared to number one in the Nielsen ratings.

Barr’s reboot withdrew Trump-hating shows, like another new reboot of the season,”Will & Grace,” whose throw depicts rabid leftists. The newest”Will & Grace” series is obsessed with hitting the president together with unflattering sinister remarks. And, the Trump-hating star of”Will & Grace,” celebrity Debra Messing, blasted a ridiculous conversation about the passing of Roseanne and President Trump.

My response — tears. I am quite relieved and thankful. The hatred that’s been spewing from those in Trump’s orbit has actually taken a toll on all our souls and psyches. I didn’t think it would occur. I’d lost faith. Thank you @abc.”

Debra Messing is about as smart as a box of rocks. Reading her Twitter feed will make your IQ go down 50 points. Besides correlating Barr’s ill-advised tweet about Valerie Jarrett somehow together with the presidentshe considers every Trump supporter is”racist.” The ditzy actress also loves Stormy Daniels and her pornography attorney, that bottom feeder Michael Avenatti, who is a famous huckster and scam artist. Liberalism is an actual psychological illness.

No one is watching it, and Roseanne was the competition. Millions of Americans were tuning in to Roseanne because, eventually there was a show that broke the mould and real patriotic Americans from flyover country could associate. This brings us to the president and his nasty surprise for ABC’s boss Bob Iger.

Everyone understands, when Trump tweets, it causes a massive response during America and beyond. Therefore, the president weighed , tweeting,”Bob Iger of ABC known as Valerie Jarrett to let her know that’ABC does not tolerate remarks like those’ made by Roseanne Barr. Gee, he never called President Donald J. Trump to apologize to the HORRIBLE statements created and stated about me on ABC. Perhaps I just didn’t get the telephone?”

The president is making the point that conservatives are treated very differently by the Hollywood crowd, and Trump’s tweet is making life hell for Bob Iger as his leftist ABC stars come into question. It is also why many are saying, even though Roseanne apologized profusely for her opinions, there’s absolutely no salvation accessible to her by the rabid leftists. She owned her voice, unlike any other ABC employee, Joy Behar.

Sure, Joy-less consenting to Pence after weeks of backlash, but she devoted an whole book to repulsive remarks about Trump, and it’s celebrated by ABC and Amazon.

Amazon describes Behar’s publication, known as The Great Gasbag, as,”One of the most beloved comedians, the brilliantly witty and outspoken celebrity of The View, strikes the most famous President ever chosen where it hurts–and makes us laugh and cheer–in this hilarious alphabetical guide to all that is wrong with the’Orange One,’ Donald Trump.”

Structured as an A-Z guide (G is for Gold… en suite; P is for Pence and de *ssy-grabbing; T accounts for Tweets; Twits, and Twats, etc.)”

So, ABC fires Roseanne, but they give foul-mouthed Behar a daily stage to spew her sick comments. It’s a bit hypocritical, would not you agree? Afterward, there is ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel, who donned blackface at a skit as basketball star Carl Malone, but he’s still used by ABC:

What about Joy Reid, who is on MSNBC? She hates Trump and his supporters with a vengeance. After blog posts were discovered from years back, where Reid went on anti-gay homophobic rants, the MSNBC host lied her butt off, promising someone”hacked” her computer.

Politico reports,”The alleged blog posts comprise language critical of homosexual marriage and claims that gay guys prey ‘impressionable teens’ — messages odds with Reid’s reputation as a progressive networking pioneer. The articles also take aim at Rachel Maddow, now MSNBC’s celebrity prime-time host, for getting views on homosexual rights’at the left-most conclusion of the political spectrum.'”

“Most straight men and women cringe at the sight of two men kissing,” among those posts reads. “The nature of political correctness is that homosexual people are permitted to say straight sex is gross but the reverse is regarded as patently homophobic.”

Everybody knows Reid wrote those posts, and according to MSNBC’s liberal pro-gay views, she should’ve been fired, but MSNBC gave her a pass. So, not only does she post anti-gay stuff, which her network viewpoints as abhorrent, she lies to America and gets away with it scotfree.

It’s clearly a double standard. ABC gave no consideration to all the lives they changed by canceling Roseanne’s hit series. It provided jobs to tens of thousands of individuals in the sound and lighting people to caterers, cameramen, hair and make-up professionals, so many more who could have been appreciated a safe job for several decades. Now, flourish, they’re from work, also. Even some of Roseanne’s liberal costars were sacrificed in ABC’s effort to snuff out everything and anything pro-Trump.

The rapid response, shooting Roseanne, proves those ABC executives were searching for an excuse to rid the network of a pro-Trump show. After the”Roseanne” reboot broke evaluation documents, it was a real win for conservatives in the culture war, and that needed to be destroyed.

But, now, President Trump’s tweet is inducing conservatives to set the screws to ABC’s Bob Iger. In case Roseanne’s gone, then it is only fair ABC ought to be boycotted and The View, along with Jimmy Kimmel’s show, ought to be canceled promptly.

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