Entitled Punk Proves His Hate For America In Front Of Trump At Wreath Ceremony – Instantly Regrets It

President Donald Trump paid a Memorial Day tribute at Arlington National Cemetery on Monday, saying he came into”sacred soil” into”honor the deeds and lives of America’s greatest heroes.”

This was solemn and a tribute. Everybody observed the service there except for one kid a couple rows back using a baseball cap on. He disrespected his nation, his President and our warriors by not removing his hat through the National Anthem or Taps. Just disgraceful.

What’s more is everyone around him removed their hats and put them over their heart close to their left shoulder as is appropriate protocol. But maybe not this elitist punk.

He was either absolutely oblivious to everyone about him and the ideal thing to do, or more likely, did not care and has disrespect for all involved. I am surprised that some veteran did not yank the hat off his head during the tribute.

President Trump started off the day by tweeting,”Happy Memorial Day! Individuals who died for our great country would be quite pleased and pleased at how well our country is doing today.

Best market in decades, lowest unemployment amounts for Blacks and Hispanics EVER (& women in 18years), rebuilding our Military and much more. Nice!” However, as he prepared for placing the wreath, things turned much more somber and reflective. Trump was iconic in his observance and respect of the fallen.

There is a moving video of the wreath-laying ceremony:

You need to see the video and pay close attention to find the guy not remove his cap. But when you see it, you can not un-see it.

Meanwhile, the Commander-in-Chief, speaking before an audience of Cabinet members, military leaders, families and veterans constructed in the marble amphitheater near the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, stated, “We mourn together with their families and we work hard to be worthy of their sacrifice.” President Trump vowed to Gold Star families on Monday to”overlook our heroes,” saluting those who made the ultimate sacrifice with this Memorial Day.

“We are joined now by the families of American heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice. You also feel that incredible pride — a pride shared by one really and truly grateful nation.”

“It is our heroes who make us who we are and that decide what we will be. Our fallen heroes haven’t only composed our history, they have formed our destiny,” Trump said.

The President pointed to each”mark” on the gravestones at Arlington National Cemetery, saying they”teach us exactly what it means to be loyal, loyal and proud and courageous and righteous and true.”

“This is the reason why we come to the most sacred location. That is why we guard these grounds with complete devotion,” Trump said. “That is why we always will recall because here with this soil, on these reasons, under those fields, lie the legitimate supply of American greatness, of American glory and of American freedom.”

He added that”as long as we are blessed with patriots such as these, we shall forever remain one people, one family and one nation under God.”

“We will never forget our heroes,” the President explained, adding that”todaywe pay tribute to their service” and”strive to be worthy of their sacrifice.”

The Derry News reported on the event as well:

“Throughout his second Memorial Day trip to Arlington as President, Trump put a wreath at the grave prior to making his opinions. And he spoke warmly about quite a few army families in attendance, such as a young boy called Christian Jacobs, whose dad is buried at Arlington.”

“Trump said the boy showed him his father’s grave last year, calling it”a second I will always remember. ””

“Before heading into the hallowed grounds across the Potomac River from the nation’s capital, Trump tweeted that”people who died for our great nation would be very happy and proud at how well our country is doing today. ””

First Lady Melania Trump and Ivanka both sent Memorial Day messages that spoke of remembrance and thanks. Maybe that young guy should have paid extra attention to these powerful women or somebody should have taught him honor. “As we all remember our fallen servicemen and women, our hearts are full of gratitude for their sacrifice and awe of the courage,” Ivanka Trump tweeted.

In Arlington,” Trump said the heroes that died for America”rest in these hallowed fields, in cemeteries, battlefields and burial grounds close and far, and are drawn from the full tapestry of American life.”

The President said that they came from”every generation, from towering cities and wind-swept prairies, from privilege and from poverty. They have been generals and privates, captains and corporals of each race, colour and of every creed, but they were brothers and sisters in arms. And they were all united afterward, since they are united today, forever, by their love of our great country.”

Gen. Joseph Dunford, who’s the current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, honored more than a million Americans he said”gave their last full measure so we could live in freedom and raise our children in peace.”

So very correct. He also admired the families”that they left behind and for whom every day is Memorial Day.” Trump was linked with his Chief of Staff, John Kelly, whose son, Marine 2nd Lt. Robert M. Kelly, was ****d in November 2010 later he stepped on a land mine while on patrol in southern Afghanistan. He is buried in Arlington.

Is it too much to request some jerk at a baseball cap eliminate it to honor those fallen and those still fighting for us so we could be free? No, it is shame and not . I bet he instantly regretted what he did later. Good.

Featured Image Source H/T: RWNOfficial

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