Trump Tricked By Former Daughter-In-Law – Sudden Split No Coincidence After Her Dangerous Ties Found

Many considered that the last straw was because of an incident that occurred in February when Vanessa received a suspicious package that arrived at her family’s home that comprised a mysterious powder inside.

Not knowing or expecting it included potentially dangerous contents, she opened it while others have been in the direct area of her.

Additionally, it appeared that Vanessa could not handle the publicity that came with her dad in law being the President of the USA and that was a huge reason as to why she filed for divorce.

It seems as though Vanessa may have been utilizing Donald Jr all along. She voiced detest for the Donald Trump and perhaps that has something to do with her regarding link to some potentially very dangerous individuals before marrying Donald Trump Jr..

According to Page Six, Vanessa Trump moved on to a Saudi prince — whose father was once suspected of direct ties to the 9/11 attackers — after her romances with Latin King Valentin Rivera and Leo DiCaprio.

Sources told Page Six that Vanessa and Prince Khalid bin Bandar bin Sultan Al Saud were planning to wed until the Sept. 11 attacks.

“They dated from 1998 to 2001 and dwelt together. He ditched her 9/11; days after, he flew back to Saudi Arabia. They had been likely to marry [at the time]. They had been inseparable,” a source told Page Six.

Bandar is a portion of the strong Al Saud dynasty.

His father, Bandar bin Sultan Al Saud, was Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the US from 1983 to 2005, with ties so close to the Bush family that he was known as”Bandar Bush.”

He had been suspected of indirect ties to al Qaeda and associates of the 9/11 hijackers, but there wasn’t any proof that he intentionally provided support for those attacks. He insisted,”Saudi Arabia has nothing to hide” and 9/11 was”the worst thing to happen to people ”

Vanessa’s relationship with the younger Bandar was a stark contrast to her marriage to Donald Jr., who, sources told Page Six, treated her like a”second-class citizen”

The wealthy Saudi prince was also a big upgrade from Rivera, who recently shared love letters she wrote to him . “Bandar treated her as if she was his queen. They had been.

A second source near Trump, however, downplayed their connection.

“They outdated in her early 20s. They never lived together and weren’t planning to get married.”

And Vanessa’s sitting pretty on millions, as a result of her family’s investment in Italian eatery Rao’s red sauce business, which was sold for around $415 million last year.

Vanessa grew up as a New York socialite who craved attention and wanted to be a version. Making her fantasy easy, her mother ran a modeling agency so as a kid she got her glamorous dream job for a model.

She looked like a down to earth woman but according to Vanessa’s childhood buddies,”Vanessa played with the press quite well,” an older friend told the mag. “Now she is all dolled up and ladylike and s***, but she used to be this hard-rock in lace and leather jeans. She was a entire gangster b****.”

“She went out with this Latin King for three decades.”

According to Nicki Swift:

The story of how Vanessa and Donald Trump Jr. met is one for the ages, provided that your definition of an epic love entails using an extremely offensive term to describe your upcoming father-in-law. At a 2006 interview with The New York Times, Vanessa recalled how she met DTJ in a 2003 fashion show, due to a debut from his famous dad. According to Vanessa, the three needed a”short, awkward conversation” and then parted ways. However, the story did not end there.

“Donald comes back up to me again,’I do not believe you have fulfilled my son Donald Trump Jr.,'” Vanessa remembered, to which she responded,”Yeah, we only metfive minutes ago.”

For a moment, the two allegedly didn’t remember each other, until it struck Vanessa. “Wait, you are the one with all the retarded dad!”

That daddy would become the 45th president of the United States. Awkward.

Everybody has a past and it seems like Vanessa’s past might play a larger role in who she really is. It feels like she has been utilizing the Trump family all along and has despised the president from the start. She got what she wanted and then bailed. With who her ex is it is apparent that she isn’t fearful of powerful men who are in the spotlight.

Has Vanessa been enjoying most of us all along? As we previously mentioned, Donald Jr has moved on and appears to be in a far happier place as well as the Trump family will be better off not having her negativity around.

The press is creating Trump’s eldest son outside to be the villain in this divorce, claiming he’s just following in the footsteps of his”philandering” dad, when in actuality, it seems that Vanessa faked it through her union.

Featured Image Source H/T: PSRepublic

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