Trump’s Visit To UK Includes Tea With Queen As He Drops Nasty Surprise On Meghan

Queen Elizabeth II is reported to be inviting President Donald Trump to also to tour Buckingham Palace this summer.

It is well-known the new Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, called the president a “misogynist,” stating “vote for Hillary because you don’t want to have the kind of world Trump is painting.” The president is falling a horrible surprise on Meghan she won’t soon forget.

She had been on the Larry Wilmore Show when she claimed, “Yes, Trump is divisive,” adding that “with as misogynistic as Trump is and so outspoken about it, you are not voting for Hillary just because she is a woman but since you don’t need to have the type of world Trump is painting.”

Meghan’s problems with then-candidate Trump give us an idea about how uninformed and ignorant she really was about the 2016 candidates.

Like all Hollywood leftists, she fails to give us examples of how Trump was so divisive or he’s a misogynist. She only heard it somewhere, such as on the TV show The View, so it must be true.

Well, guess who is coming to Buckingham Palace? President Donald Trump, Yep.

It has been reported in the Daily Mail that, after the NATO Summit in Brussels, he’ll fly into the United Kingdom on July 12th, in which he will be “subject to some full-scale charm offensive because he is whisked around the nation so that he could see the top of Britain.”

Other options on the table include tea with the Queen and talks with Prime Minister Theresa May at either Downing Street or her Chequers country retreat outside the capital.”

The Guardian also affirms the U.S. president has been “place to meet with the Queen throughout the trip.”

Tens Of Thousands of Trump Supporters Planning Professional -Trump rally throughout Trump’s UK Visit In July

Campaigners have promised a Guru Trump “parade of countless”-Powered by the Friends of Trump UK and Commonwealth Affairs.

— Friends Of Trump UK (@trump_friends) May 20, 2018
There is no doubt that the publicity-loving Duchess will not score an invitation to be part of the Trump visit, since the Queen won’t wish to risk a major international crisis. To his credit, Trump did want the royal couple nicely on their marriage, and he sent a charitable contribution in their name as a wedding present.

This is going to be a huge deal. Meghan remains an American, who states she wishes to maintain her double citizenship, and this comes the American president at his first trip to the palace. You would think she’d be a shoe-in as another party, but there isn’t any way the Queen is going to allow Meghan near him not after her remarks to both Larry Wilmore and Piers Morgan.

In accordance with the Daily Mail, she told Morgan and another “close associate” about her strategies.

Meghan was quite clear that she wants to become president one day. She is rumored to have told Piers Morgan and also a former close associate her ultimate ambition would be the President of the U.S. during a dialogue that apparently took place after Meghan began her love affair with Prince Harry.

Well, if this sounds crazy for you, you are not alone. However, as we delved deeper into Meghan Markle’s political aspirations, it’s in fact quite possible that was her end game.

She was the U.N. urge for “Women’s Political Participation and Leadership,” and she got that gig as a result of her dad, who is a strong male figure, something she’s learned to hate.

As she developed in Hollywood, her indoctrination contained thinking that strong men are misogynists and also the ideal guys are “beta men.”

That she sees Trump as a misogynist. But today, it’s the president who is giving her a nasty surprise by dropping in to her universe where you can wager the Duchess’ political past will return to haunt her. Meghan’s old Trump-hatred will probably be back in the media, and the Queen isn’t going to like that one piece.

— Joe FreedomLover (@JoeFreedomLove) April 21, 2018
It’s also a disgrace how she has treated her father, particularly once you take a look at the tabloids which are painting him as an absentee dad who did not increase her. She should have set the record right, but for Meghan, he simply didn’t fit into her fresh high-end lifestyle together with the royal household.

In fact, once the new Duchess addressed the United Nations at 2015 about “gender equality,” it had been her dad who she solely credited as the drive who gave her the advice at eleven-years-old to take on the Ivory Soap firm, which is Meghan’s “big claim to fame” as a young activist on her new webpage on the Royal site.

After little Meg watched a commercial where Ivory Soap says, “Girls in the usa are fighting fatty pans and pots,” she says, “I went home and told my father, and he encouraged me to write letters” She makes no mention of her mom.

She told the same story on Larry King Live in 2016. The outcome of her letters was Ivory Soap altering their tagline to “individuals in America are fighting greasy pots and pans” So, it appears her dad was actually a hands on dad who gave his daughter that the guts and self-esteem she used throughout her life.

Christine Knudsen of Immaculate Heart High School told People Magazine, “He [Mr. Markle] voluntarily came over and helped with lighting. He had been working on a TV show doing lighting. He did light for our plays and musicals. He just wanted to be here and help her do what she loved.”

However, now, Meghan’s likely to have a rough time leaving her leftist Hollywood politics supporting. The Queen was livid when, talking of Prince Harry, Meghan told that the media, “He’s a feminist, also!”

Meghan’s elementary notion that men and women are equal is pure bullcrap. Men and women are equally dignified as human beings in God’s eyes, but we aren’t equal. For example, men are more powerful physically, girls are naturally unique to create life in their wombs, ideals Meghan was taught but has rejected.

The bad Queen has her hands full of the leftist Hollywood nutjob who’s hellbent on continuing her rabid femi-Nazi sex equality activities. I hope the Queen reigns her and puts a halt for her nonsense before she can complete the task of turning Prince Harry to her ideal mate for a beta male.

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1 Comment

  1. Frances Shannon

    May 24, 2018 at 11:18 am

    Meghan is a disgrace to America and she will never come close to be President. I am shocked she was allowed in the First Family. Disappointed that the Queen allowed this.

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