Social Security Announcement Rocks Washington – They Said This Would Never Happen

Social Security still remains among the largest problem in america.

All attempts for it’s reforming have neglected.

Take a look what happened now.

According to Patriot Journal:

Social Security as a program was first created back in 1935 from president Roosevelt. It was originaly meant to alleviate the difficulties most Americans face if they reach retirement age. All efforts because of it is reforming in the past have failed and meanwhile more and more Americans are retiring which makes enormous problem to the program.

CNS News reporeted:

In financial 2017, real Social Security Administration spending topped $1 trillion for the first time, according data published in the Monthly Treasury Statement.
The Social Security Administration invested an entire $1,000,812,000,000 in fiscal 2017, according to the Treasury.

That has been about 37 times as much as the Department of State spent throughout the year ($27,061,000,000), 32 times as much as the Department of Justice ($30,977,000,000), and 20 times as far as the Department of Homeland Security ($50,502,000,000)…

In an announcement to, the Social Security Administration acknowledged that the combined spending for the Social Security program (Old Age and Survivors Insurance and Disability Insurance) and the Supplemental Security Income program did surpass $1 trillion in financial 2017, but that paying for the Social Security program alone failed to reach that amount during the entire year. SSA noted its latest trustees report jobs that spending on the Social Security plan will top $1 trillion in fiscal 2019.

Beneath Obama’s Administration that the payout increases a lot, which makes us wonder exactly what was happening then.

Most Americans payed on this app just to make sure their life when they retire. Kind of security. The Government is really really good when investing in money that belongs to somebody else, and that leads many people to think about whether they get exactly what they paid for.

Remains to determine will the Social Security get their cash back.

H/T: StayDeplorable

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1 Comment

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