Harry’s Furious At Meghan After Trump-Hating Bishop Embarrasses Queen At Wedding

The leftists are touting Bishop Michael Curry’s sermon at the royal wedding as mythical. Do not be fooled, the “on the top” drifting rant was filled with shocking “New Age” teachings which are hardly Christian.

In fact, it’s pure evil. The Queen was mortified along with royals since Curry’s theme was straight out of hell. Prince Harry was livid at Meghan, and what occurred behind the scenes left her in tears.

When we learned Meghan Markle had booked left-wing Bishop Curry as the primary speaker for the royal marriage, we all knew there could be issues. Besides being a entire hater of President Donald Trump, Curry is a political hack, not a devout orthodox Christain bishop.

Michael Curry is the present presiding bishop and primate of the Episcopal Church in the USA. Count yourself blessed, if you missed his wedding sermon. Those who were impressed with his overuse of the phrase “adore” missed the real message, that was the anti-Christain heresies of the “New Age” religion.

As Bishop Curry got on a roll, nothing has been missed by the Queen who is the official “head of the Church of England,” also known as the Anglican or Episcopal Church. Curry exclaimed, “He [Jesus] did not forfeit his life for themself, or anything that he could get out of it. Jesus didn’t receive an honorary doctorate for perishing. He did it for others, for the other, for the good and well being of others. That’s love.”

For the well-being of the others? Anyone who watched Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ” knows the horror of what Jesus suffered on the cross to save our spirits, as a result of our sins. Curry demeaning the Crucifixion as some exercise to the “well-being of the others” was the very first sign that something was off.

“The Passion of the Christ” (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screengrab)
Then Curry goes on to present his true beliefs off when he tells the audience who his theology is based on, stating, “Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, was at once a scientist, also a Roman Catholic priest, a theologian, a genuine mystic. His was one of the wonderful spirits and minds of the 20th century.”

Teilhard de Chardin went crazy. His job was banned by the Catholic Church and mainstream Protestant churches, since he did not believe Christ saved anyone. He was an atheist who had been among the earliest “New Agers” believing in eugenics as the method by which in which the world has to “evolve” to develop into this leftist paradise. Teilhard de Chardin desired to participate in “selective breeding of human beings to assist evolution along.”

“So far, we have allowed our race to grow randomly…In the course of coming centuries, it is indispensable that a nobly human type of eugenics to a standard worthy on our personalities should be discovered and developed,” wrote de Chardin in his book titled, “The Phenomenon of Man”

The response from the royal family members, such as Prince Harry, was one of shock and disgust. Teilhard de Chardin was a fraud that hoaxed the world by reporting to find the “missing link” to establish Darwinism was 100% authentic and thus God did not exist.

Science Magazine reports, “Back in 1912, Piltdown Man proven to be among the most famous frauds in scientific history — a person cranium paired with an orangutan’s jaw and teeth… perpetrators [comprised] Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.”

It is demonic. But since Bishop Curry cried the term “love” over and over in his sermon, lots of people did not understand what he was actually teaching.

However, the Queen did many in the crowd. Prince Harry sat there somberly, at times with looks of disgust. Meghan Markle is too dumb to comprehend what went on. She knows is that this is the religion of Hollywood, of “earth worship,” this is also the roots of the “global warming” faith, of “Gaia worship”

The Duchess of Cambridge believes the sermon is “out there” also, giving a curt smile and a classic eye roll.

It’s not clear if he was just spouting off about Bishop Curry’s over the top performance or when he was responding to the real message which was entirely unorthodox and New Age, however, Meghan was stated to be in tears.

Oprah, George Clooney, along with his wife Amal adored Bishop Curry as did Meghan’s mom, Doria Ragland. They were all smiles, nodding “yes” since Curry explained how people are going to evolve the world to a new paradise.

Meghan got all the Hollywood A-listers at the occasion, as her daddy sat in his Mexican hellhole watching her cheer the “brightest hue of virginal white” wedding dress on TV. No ivory or ivory for Meghan. She had been creating a “bold feminist” statement.

One thing is for certain, provided that the Queen is residing, the new Duchess of Sussex will not be left to program another Windsor occasion. This royal wedding was a sexy mess from start to finish.

Featured Image Source H/T: MadWorldNews

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1 Comment

  1. Penny Williams

    May 21, 2018 at 3:54 am

    I quit watching at the point that this Bishop started talking because I knew where he was leading. Good Luck as I think you will need it!

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