Giuliani Just Confirmed Trump’s Worst Nightmare

For over a year, President Donald Trump has insisted that his effort was targeted, wiretapped and spied on from the Obama-era FBI, however the mainstream press has largely scoffed at him.

Shockingly, it now looks like he may have been correct all along — and also the thickness of the Department of Justice’s attempt to undermine Trump ahead of the election could be even deeper than anybody believed.

The New York Times, hardly an ally of the Trump group, has released a bombshell post which appears to affirm that FBI resources were embedded inside Trump’s early effort team.

If accurate, this would mean that the Obama administration purposely deployed “moles” to spy on the campaign of a political rival… and could mark the most appalling abuse of power as Watergate.

That is exactly the subject that the “Fox & Friends” hosts brought up to former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani on Thursday, and the veteran attorney had strong words regarding the scandal.

Fox’s Steve Doocy outlined the promise for audiences. “Now, the New York Times has a great big post about the operation that resulted in (Robert Mueller’s investigation),” the host explained.

“It was known as ‘Operation Crossfire Hurricane’ and it sounds like the New York Times is verifying that the FBI essentially spied on the Trump campaign in the summer before the election, that might indicate they were out to frame him,” he continued

Giuliani, who’s presently helping the president with all the legal facets of the ongoing Mueller probe, held up The Times piece as evidence of serious corruption.

“Well it would change a great deal of things,” the former mayor started.

“First of all, we’re going to have to start looking into it as a result of The Times’ article. Thank you New York Times — they typically don’t assist us,” he explained.

In Giuliani’s opinion, “Operation Crossfire Hurricane” could mean that the whole Mueller investigation from the Trump administration may have been founded on false pretenses.

“In this scenario, I believe we’re going to have to look into whether we can challenge the legitimacy of the full investigation,” he pointed out. “Perhaps a special prosecutor, a special counsel, never should’ve been appointed”

Even the New York politician, who became renowned for his leadership after 9/11, didn’t shy away from using the word “spy” to clarify exactly what the FBI allegedly failed to Trump’s campaign.

“I’m shocked to hear that they place a spy at the effort of a major party candidate or maybe two spies,” he acknowledged. “And now I’m going through my mind, since you know I was a large part of that campaign — I am attempting to find out who was the spy.”

Giuliani also confirmed what was on everybody’s mind: The use of the FBI as a political authorities wing of the Obama administration, with James Comey as head of the surgery, would make the Nixon era appear quaint compared to the

“That could be the biggest scandal in the history of the city, at least between law enforcement,” he declared.

“I’ve — there is no one who has more respect to the FBI agents, the women and men of the FBI, than that I do. Comey has put them through hell,” Giuliani explained.

“If he put them too, really to clear the name of the FBI, he must be prosecuted. And his buddy McCabe who — one of them is lying. I mean they’re now going at each other — among them is lying. You can throw a coin to figure out every one,” the renowned attorney stated.

“And the president shouldn’t have dismissed him?” He asked, mocking the abandoned for melting down after the president dismissed Comey and McCabe.

Giuliani, in his trademark no-nonsense fashion, is right on target. As the witch-hunt to rip Trump has unraveled, it is increasingly the FBI — and Obama’s Department of Justice overall — that seems guilty.

It is the president, not Mueller or Comey, who retains looking vindicated.

When there were politically-motivated spies in an presidential campaign, it’s the narrative of the years.

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