Wedding From Hell! Queen’s Dire Warning After Meghan Pulls Last-Minute Nasty Surprise

The big royal couple has turned into the marriage from hell, as a result of Prince Harry’s famous fiancee. You do not want to miss this.

If you’ve been watching the craziness surrounding the royal wedding, what a difference 24 hours create. Meghan Markle’s dad bowed out of walking down the aisle, then he changed his mind, just to experience heart surgery.

Meghan’s big-mouth sister, Samantha Markle, reported that she broke her knee and knee in an auto crash caused by the paparazzi. The Hollywood tabloid TMZ, a favorite with Mr. Markle, published a pic of Samantha in the emergency area. I’m convinced TMZ paid a pretty penny for this shot taken by her boyfriend Mark Phillips.

After a few hours, the Daily Mail reported, “Cops are confounded by explosive claims that Meghan Markle’s half-sister was run off the street hospitalized by a paparazzo since they can not find any signs the crash happened.”

Most of us know how Princess Diana died, so the narrative Samantha pumped into TMZ appeared far-fetched. Can you imagine the poor Queen after all this occurring within 24 hours?

Right before Samantha’s so-called injury and after Meghan’s father got out of operation, the soon-to-be-royal issued an announcement about her father. I’ve always cared for my dad and hope he could be given the distance he wants to concentrate on his health.”

She adds, “I’d love to thank everyone who has provided generous messages of service. Please understand how much Harry and I look forward to sharing our special day with you on Saturday.”

Nice, she’s always “cared for her daddy.” Many pointed out why not say, “I love my father and I am missing him by my side in my wedding day,” something hot that would prove she’s not such a cold calculating fish.

This brings us to the wedding rehearsal. Remember, the royal family’s success is only possible because of the aid of the British men and women. It is true that the royal family is rich, but it requires $368 million dollars a year to conduct the monarchy which means British taxpayers also support the royal household via a “sovereign grant” issued from the United Kingdom’s Treasury.

Clearly, whoever is advising Ms. Markle in the imperial palace is being ignored with her, or they are not doing their job. But that is not all.

Obviously, Meghan’s rich but not wealthy enough to drop a trendy 10 grand on a pair of earrings. Afterward, British leading etiquette specialist and friend to the Queen, William Hanson, issued a dire warning to Meghan, and she can take it to the bank this is coming directly from the monarch herself.

This is an institution that’s been going on more than any people and will keep doing so. Meghan should remember she’s a small cog in a very old machine. She must remember it’s not about her — it’s about the causes she’s going to be championing, her private beliefs are irrelevant.”

Look, Hanson’s warning is not over just the earrings. It was regarded as a vulgar move for sure by the Queen, who is very cognizant of the Royals not appearing like Hollywood actors or rap celebrities dripping in gold and diamonds. There’s a time and a location for wearing the huge diamonds, a day wedding rehearsal isn’t one of them.

Which brings us to the next matter, who is walking Meghan down the aisle?

Well, first it was going to be her mother, Doria Ragland, however, Meg’s develop a plan, which gets her walking up the aisle giving away herself. Now, Prince Charles will intervene and walk “part of the way” with her. It’s bizarre. William is Harry’s greatest guy.

If they get through the wedding, the reception sounds simply horrific. If you’re going into the wedding, then make your own food. Yep, this was just another shocker for the Queen who abandoned the arrangements to be handled by Meghan and Harry.

No doubt that this was Meghan’s choice, as Page Six reports, “The royal wedding will be BYOF: Bring your own food. Page Six has learned only that not all the 600 guests invited to Windsor reasons for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding will probably be getting catered food. Instead, they will have to bring their own picnic baskets.”

And here’s the kicker; those who’ll be permitted to eat will do this standing eating “bowl foods.” Wow, this seems increasingly like a California bar-b-que from the pool. “The reception fare is meant to be consumed up standing and will contain canapés and dishes served in little bowls,” added Page Six.

Thus, let us get this right. Is the 92-year-old monarch will be standing around for hours picking food out of bowls? That mental image is a doozy. Last, we’ve got another tidbit to report that really says much. Sarah Vine, royal pro married into some conservative British politician, found none out of Prince Harry’s close friends or cousins were encouraged.

“Why have Harry and Meghan invited a raft of actors at the expense of their own generation of young royals? This truly is baffling. You invite people you must surely barely know — for instance, the Spice Girls — at the expense of childhood friends,” composed Vine in the Daily Mail.

Multitasking lists Harry’s childhood playmates that are also his cousins like Freddy Windsor, 39, and his sister, Lady Gabriella Windsor, 37. Not one of Harry’s mates from school or the military buddies got an invitation, which is unlike the friendly prince, however, Meghan made sure that George Clooney will be there.

Don’t the couple need any real friends? Or do they simply intend to devote their married life posing for selfies with Sir Elton John (who’s invited)?”

That is the imperial wedding in hell. No wonder 66 percent of Britons polled stated they won’t be fluent in. Meghan Markle has shown her true colors to the Queen that issued a royal smackdown. Get in line, or Harry’s grandma is coming to you personally, Meghan. You do not mess with the Queen.

Featured Image Source H/T: MadWorldNews



  1. Peggy Thompson

    May 19, 2018 at 7:05 pm

    Well here’s what I say, TRASH is Trash.

  2. jean

    May 19, 2018 at 9:11 pm

    sounds like fake news is busy again

  3. Rhonda

    May 20, 2018 at 4:02 am

    She is an actress NOT a Princess! I love Kate!!!!!

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