HELLFIRE: Israel Pounds Iran Into the Sand with 70 Missiles In Massive Overnight Attack

Israel responded with 70 missiles that bombarded Iranian intelligence and army websites, killing “in 23 fighters”

From The Sun:

The strikes hit “nearly every target” and have been in reaction to “20 rockets” fired out of the Iranian Quds Force, Israeli army chiefs claimed.

The death toll is very likely to rise because a number of the injured are in critical condition, a spokesman for the team clarified.

The Annals considers the strikes targeted suspected areas of the Lebanese Hezbollah group, along with regions where Iranian advisers are thought to be based.

The Iron Dome defense shielded Israel and no one had been hurt in the assault on Israel.

The Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman stated, “When it rains in Israel it’ll pour in Iran.” But he followed up by saying that this is a restricted confrontation provided that Iran got the message to discontinue.

There’s been a back and forth between Israel and the Iranian/Hezbollah forth and back over the previous two weeks, but that is actually really the largest outright assault on Iranian-related targets up to now.

British PM Theresa May condemned the Iranian attacks on Israel and urged Russian President Vladmir Putin to apply a little influence to stop the strikes. “Israel has every right to defend itself,” her spokesman said.

The back and forth began a week, just before President Donald Trump made the choice to pull from their Iran Deal on Monday. Trump called the arrangement “faulty at its center.” Trump promised strigent sanctions are arriving and warned Iran not to resume its nuclear program.

Iran’s response was typical.

Meanwhile mad demonstrators in the Iranian capital of Tehran burned American flags since they pitted against Trump’s landmark nuke move.

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  1. John H Montgomery Jr

    May 11, 2018 at 1:36 am

    Iran can not up to Israel.

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