Comey & Lynch Found Guilty In Shocking ‘Sex Island Scandal’ Cover-Up

According to the Inspector General of the Department of Justice, Comey’s exoneration of Hillary Clinton from the email investigation right before the election is tied to stunning proof of top ranking government officials’ trips to “sex island,” money laundering, and other offenses that former AG Loretta Lynch and Comey needed to cover-up.

Former FBI manager James Comey is one of the major players who conspired to cover-up Hillary Clinton’s offenses, and he has been busted by Inspector General Micheal Horowitz who laid out the evidence in his own report.

When then-FBI Director Comey re-opened Hillary Clinton’s email investigation on October 28th, 18, Democrats were livid.

This was 1 week prior to the election, and by all accounts, we understand President Donald Trump is hated by Comey. Comey’s “amazing wife” is on the record voting for Hillary, therefore why could Comey create such a huge public statement he was re-opening the email investigation? Hillary Clinton clearly hurts, and the DOJ and the FBI seldom tell the public concerning an open investigation.

Well, thanks to the Inspector General, we know why she was exonerated by him two then again in November 2016 and why Hillary threw under the bus one week.

“Could it become people, the unverified substance would undoubtedly have been employed by political opponents to throw serious doubt on the attorney general’s independence in connection with the Clinton investigation,” Comey wrote, based on ABC, calling the material a “development still unknown to the American public for this day.”

Comey’s actions openly and since he had been fired criticizing Trump and writing his tell-all book, is meant to cover up his crimes. He knows IG Horowitz is exploring the DOJ and the FBI, so that he sets up Loretta Lynch to take the fall.

Let’s return to July 5th, 2016. As it related to her email scandal Comey came out and exonerated Hillary Clinton from any criminal charges.

The New York PD sift through the mails and find shocking evidence linking the Clintons and many high ranking government officials excursions to famous pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s “sex island” With no political agenda, the cops at the NYPD are sickened by what they view, and they alert the NY FBI field office.

Now, here is where it gets tricky. Because her back removed in July 2016, Comey remember and Lynch have washed their hands of this Clinton email evaluation. So, the NY FBI field office as well as the NYPD started leaking info to the press, hoping to induce Lynch and Comey to react. And, Lynch over-reacts.

McCabe told us that he ‘never heard her use language.’ NYPD confirmed that the participants obtained ‘ripped by the AG on leaks.'”

Now, you’re thinking, “What on earth does Eric Garner need to do with Hillary Clinton, Anthony Weiner, and the botched email investigation?” Nothing. That is AG Lynch communication a hazard. Bear in Mind the timing. What exactly did Lynch do you day before she threatened Comey’s Deputy Director Andy McCabe in addition to the NYPD?

So, Lynch sends in her thugs. She will bring down those NYPD cops; she will make sure they are found guilty if the NYPD doesn’t back off of the explosive emails incriminating Hillary Clinton. He goes rogue, calls a press conference, also says, “I am re-opening that the Hillary Clinton email evaluation based on the 650,000 mails discovered on Weiner’s laptop.”

It is essential to be aware that the FBI reports to the DOJ. Comey was FBI director, so he was an investigator. He had no ability to exonerate anyone by himself. Yet, that is what he did next. On November 4th, Comey asserts all 650,000 emails have been searched by him an impossibility, in seven days, and you know what? She is good to go, and she can be elected President of america.

That is a web of Lynch, Comey and liars, who flipped on each other, because they refused to genuinely investigate Hillary Clinton’s emails and it all started. The CEO of Black Water, Erik Prince, a private security firm, had contacts at NYPD tell him exactly what IG Horowitz uncovered.

On November 4th, 2016, Prince was interviewed on Breitbart Radio. He said, “They discovered State Department emails [on Weiner’s notebook].

They discovered a great deal of other damning information, such as money laundering, including the fact that Hillary moved with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein to this particular sex island. Bill Clinton went there more than 20 times.

Prince continued, “The amount of garbage they discovered in those mails, of criminal action from Hillary, by her immediate circle, and even by other Democratic members of Congress was so disgusting they gave birth to the FBI, and they said, ‘We’re going to go public with this in case you do not reopen the investigation and you don’t do the ideal thing with timely indictments. ”’

This is a Massive break in attracting James Comey and Loretta Lynch to justice. The fired, disgruntled FBI manager took a danger including damning info about his set-up of Loretta Lynch and writing a novel. He is hoping Americans are stupid and will agree he was acting from his conscience and that he is a American hero.

James Comey says he was sure the election would be won by Hillary Clinton. This means that he acted covering her crimes since he was convinced she’d win and he’d be her hero, too. Got one thing right. His name will be cited along with Benedict Arnold. He is a traitor who place his life or never wore a badge. He is a slimy lawyer, and the good cops will not rest until he’s currently wearing an orange jumpsuit for life.

Featured Image Source H/T: MadWorldNews



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